Infant Massage is an ancient tradition now assisting many modern parents & carers to connect in a positive, deeply nourishing way with their baby. It's not a new age ritual rather an internationally recognised natural parenting initiate that has scientific and clinical studies to support the benefits of nurturing touch. Early childhood educators and midwives have noted positive improvements in parent child bonding and child growth and developmental milestones.


Giving your baby regular massages can:

  • Settle your baby's sleep patterns.
  • Relieve colic, reflux, digestion, congestion and constipation.
  • Calm hyperactivity.
  • Develop your baby's senses.
  • Build your confidence as a new parent.
  • Benefit post-natal depression.
  • Stimulates the immune system and improves circulation.
  • Help develop co-ordination & strengthen muscle tone.


The easy to learn massage techniques are based on Swedish and Indian massage, reflexology and yoga techniques. The classes are not just about learning the massage but to help you understand your baby's non-verbal communication cues and how to introduce new rhymes and games into each day, excelling their developing minds.


The classes are designed for newborns up to a year old. The ideal age is around 3-4 months, i.e. before baby becomes too mobile and curious, but it is never too late to start!
These classes are a lifetime investment; I guarantee your child will be asking for massages into his/her teenage years.


There are 2 class options:


1. Baby in Mind (IAIM) The First Touch Program (group classes)
A small group of mothers, fathers and carers. This is a great option for parent groups.
Each weekly class will go for approximately 1 hour over 5 weeks.

The class fee is $150. A minimum of 3 families (maximum of 8) are required for the classes to be run.


2. One-on-one classes
These are personalised classes for you, one other person and your baby.
Each weekly class will go for approximately 1 hour over 3 weeks.

The class cost is based on my standard hourly rate but at a discount! The total fee for the 3 weeks is $270.



The importance of teaching the massage techniques over several weeks is so baby can adjust comfortably to the new experiences. Too much stimulation can overload them. Please call me if you have any questions.


What you will receive:

  • Picture handouts detailing each of the massage techniques.
  • Useful information such as: rhymes and games ideas.
  • A bottle of massage oil so you can put your new skill into practice straight away!
  • An added bonus to my classes, each baby will receive a gift voucher for a CranioSacral Therapy treatment (valued at $60).


What past students have had said:


  The Classes were:

"Great activity for mums and bubs. Babies were surprising quiet most of the time!"
"Fun, relaxing and bonding time."
"Really enjoyed learning the techniques and other advice on how to help baby relax."


  What I learnt about my baby:

"What he likes and how to calm him down."
"Pay attention to her moods and time of day that is best for massage."
"To work out when she is ready for massage - read her ques."


  I found the teaching:

"Gave clear instructions and nice slow pace."
"Composed and calm."
"Kept calm with all the baby chaos and asked questions regularly to make sure we understood instructions."


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