As a bodywork therapist with several hands on modalities on my able to do list, I find when I’m working with my client’s body universal energy will naturally come and go as it is needed. For that reason my typical treatment plan is to set the intention for what needs to be for that session, whether it be re-filling or removing energy, or even just staying neutral. I am guided by my hands and intuitions, and foremost by listening quietly to my client’s body allowing it to speak.


My training in energetic healing started at the Ashati Institue with Jerome Baudel.  Through his international training program I have been attuned to several high level energies, including Reiki, Alsemia and Ashati. I also attended regular weekly psychic development circles to enhance my abilities and techniques.


Theta Healing is another avenue I have trained in to broaden myself in particularly connecting with the universal energy and knowing how to clear blockages that are holding us in a repetitive circle. 


I have also done short courses in Matrix Energetics and Emotional Freedom Technique. Using these concepts with Theta Healing and Ashati, etc I find they blend extremely well with my style of bodywork therapy. In addition, I’m able to show clients how they can do a quick clearing on themselves in their own space.


Distance Healing is available via skype, please contact me to discuss.




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Miriam Bunder
Bodywork Therapist

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