Private Health Fund Rebates for lymphatic drainage are claimable under remedial massage.


To achieve consistent results, 4-6 sessions in close succession is recommended. Leaving approximately 10 days between treatment sessions gives your body time to fine tune the adjustments.


The main bulk of adjustments will happen within 2-5 days after the treatment; because of this it is important to allow your body to use its spare energy on these corrections, not on a heavy gym workout and eating a poor diet, etc. Going for an easy half hour walk each day and eating clean simple foods will aid in the whole process, as it will get all your vital muscles and body systems firing properly.


GST Inclusive

Standard Session

Approx. 45 minutes.
Note: initial session may require an hour.


Mini Session

For babies and children.
Approx. 20-30 minutes.




Cancellation Policy

I appreciate that your time is valuable as so is mine. In consideration of this and of clients who are on the waiting list, 24 hours notice is required to change your appointment. In failure to do this will incur a charge equal to the treatment cost.


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