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My interest in natural therapies begun in my late teens. Recuperating from glandular fever induced fatigue and gut pains lead to the discovery of hypoglycemia sugar imbalances and a benign thyroid cyst. Seeing an Integrative GP helped me understand how food is your medicine. This health downward spiral experience triggered an interest in remedial massage and natural food medicine. 20+ years down the track from the glandular fever year, I am forever grateful for the bodywork therapies I now have in my clinical practice. I do know 100% that that my pancreas and thyroid are forever grateful too!

Whilst working in corporate IT, I started part-time studies in a diploma of remedial massage at Nature Care College in Sydney. One of the subjects in this diploma was lymphatic drainage therapy. Learning lymph drainage was like a thunderbolt, and I immediately signed up for the lymphatic drainage therapy diploma! I was blown away by subtleness of this technique, and of the wide range of symptoms it could be used for (it is not only for oedema conditions). I learnt that our lymphatic system is the core to our overall health. I was hooked!

Since establishing Body In Tune full-time in 2006 it has been an uphill escalation of learning. My clinic of remedial massage and lymphatic drainage therapy evolved to be an integration of like minded modalities. Modalities that share common philosophies of working with the natural rhythms of the body and fascia.

Fascia (connective tissue) is what holds your body together. It wraps around muscles, vessels, the spinal cord, and intertwines around all of your organs. Fascia is where your nerve receptors connect into to feed stimuli response back to your brain. When your brain receives messages from your body of muscle aches, the pain is more often than not resulting from tight fascia, not tight muscles. Secondly, where you are feeling the pain isn't always where the tension is originating from. Referral pain is when, for example, tension around the lower right ribs transfers a tissue restriction pattern to the right shoulder and neck, causing that area to ache and/or to have limited range of movement.

The therapy sessions are primarily Visceral Manipulation focused with the other therapeutic modalities blended in. They all work in such a subtle way (into the ease of the restriction), so as to not cause an over stimulus of the sympathetic nervous system (flight/fight/freeze response). When using pricise guided techniques this allows the body to stay within the threshold of the ventral vagal (socially engaged and relaxed), giving an opportunity for the bound up energy within the fascia and nervous system to re-organise and balance.

Freeing up fascial restriction patterns and encouraging the natural rhythms of your body, brings your whole body back into balance and harmony; into homeostasis. This renews your energy supply, promotes circulation of blood, lymph and cerebral spinal fluids, and allows your body to be able to focus on important tasks such as digestion and immune defence.

Working with this combination of modalities allows for an integrated form of bodywork therapy, collating information from various systems of the body, bringing the body back into tune.

Certifications held in:

Barral Visceral, Neural & Vascular Manipulation and Manual Articulation, Upledger CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release, Casley-Smith Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy, Chikly Lymph Drainage Therapy and Brain Therapy, Chikly Bone Marrow Allergies and Toxins, Chikly Primative Reflexes, MTC Lymph Taping, Vagus Nerve Program, Somatic Experiencing, NeuroVascular Release, Buteyko Breathing, Integrative Breathing Therapy, BradCliff Breathing Method, EMST150 Expiratory Muscle Strength Training, mBraining, Certified Oncology Massage Therapist, End of Life Doula, Positional Release Therapy, Pregnancy Massage, Infant & Baby Massage, Tongue Tie & Oral Dysfunction, Ho'oponopono, Access Consciousness 'The Bars', Theta Healing and Energy Healing.
ABN 38 016 837 325

Miriam Bunder
Integrative Bodywork Therapist

ATMS Member 15464

I acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which I share my work, the Cammeraygal clan of the Eora nation, and pay my respects to Elders past, present and emerging.
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